Exterior Painting

A quality exterior paint job can completely transform the look of your house.  Addressing all damaged wood, sealing and caulking, and choosing the right products are critical in determining the durability and longevity of your new paint job.  It is also essential that a thorough pressure washing be done prior to painting any exterior surface.  This removes the dirt, residue, and mildew, which is very common here in the PNW climate. 

Wallace Repair Remodel Maintenance will take care of all your exterior painting needs from decks to doors to trim to full repaints.  Give us a call and we’ll schedule an in-person walkthrough with you where we’ll give you our expert opinion on work that needs to be done and best products to use, and upon request, a free estimate. 


Before & After Pictures

WRRM will ensure your home stays looking great, improving both longevity and overall value.