Handyman Services

Regular maintenance is a must to keep your home in the best shape and minimize minor issues from becoming major repairs.

Add the damp climate of the Pacific Northwest into the equation and regular, ongoing home maintenance becomes even more important.  Water damage or leaks, if left unresolved, can result in many issues; from mold growth to damaged structural support, resulting in both safety concerns and unexpected high costs to repair for homeowners. 

Wallace Repair Remodel Maintenance has the expertise to fix everything from minor repairs to major water damage restoration and more, including:  

  • Roof installation/repair
  • Drywall installation/repair
  • Window installation/repair
  • Door installation/repair
  • Gutter installation/repair/cleaning
  • Toilet installation/repair
  • Fence installation/repair
  • Deck installation/repair
  • Tile installation/repair
  • Water damage repair/restoration
  • Mold removal/remediation
  • Pressure washing

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